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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 06:14 GMT 07:14 UK
Beer ad 'appealed' to under-18s
Miller beer
The company said the daredevil was wearing old-fashioned skates
A beer advert showing a roller-skating stuntman was likely to appeal "strongly" to under-18s, breaching advertising rules, a watchdog says.

The advert for Miller Genuine Draft featured a man on skates somersaulting over dogs and jumping through a tyre.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the "effortless cool" of the skater's tricks could appeal to minors and that the ad should not be repeated.

The beer firm said the man was trying to avoid traffic, not look cool.

The ASA's initial investigation - the result of a single consumer complaint about the promotion's content - was not upheld.

But the industry watchdog said the advert associated alcohol with potentially dangerous feats and found it in breach of advertising rules relating to "youth culture" and "daring".

'Family' beer

Miller Brands Ltd, the UK arm of parent company SABMiller, said it had taken the decision to withdraw the advertisement prior to the ASA completing its investigation and issuing its decision.

The company said the roller skates had been made to look old-fashioned so they would not appeal to youth culture.

In addition, the advert did not show the man skating with friends and it made it clear he was roller-skating to avoid the heavy traffic rather than trying to look cool.

Meanwhile, the watchdog has criticised the firm behind Stella Artois beer for implying one family had brewed the lager for the past 600 years.

A wraparound advertisement for the beer in national newspapers said: "A family dedicated to brewing for six centuries."

The ASA said the claim breached rules on truthfulness and substantiation as Artois is no longer a family-owned brand.

InBev UK - the firm behind the brand - said the reference to "family" meant to give an overall impression of the Artois heritage and its "family" of beers.

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