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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 September 2007, 05:10 GMT 06:10 UK
Northern Rock 'panic' in papers
Sunday papers
Many of the Sunday papers focus on the Northern Rock crisis and the flood of customers trying to make withdrawals.

The Sunday Telegraph describes a very British kind of panic - calm, polite queues - that descended into scrums as investors feared for their savings.

The Independent on Sunday says news the bank is the first in 30 years to ask for an emergency Bank of England loan was enough to worry any saver.

The Sunday Express likens the scenes to the 1929 Wall Street crash.


Meanwhile, in an article for the News of the World, former Home Secretary John Reid calls for a reform of the European Convention on Human Rights.

He says that too often the government is fighting crime and terrorism with one hand behind its back.

The Sunday Express reports police want to stage a reconstruction of the hours before Madeleine McCann disappeared.

It suggests they are preparing to ask her parents, and their friends, to return to the Algarve to take part.

Car tax

The Sunday Times says a leaked Treasury paper shows officials are to propose a purchase tax of 2,000 on four-wheel drives and other polluting cars.

The tax would be paid when the vehicle is bought at the showroom, and those who opt for cleaner models could claim a 2,000 rebate off the purchase price.

According to the Telegraph, Lord Owen, who led the Social Democratic Party, has held talks with the prime minister.

And it says he may be about to return to the Labour fold.

Mince pies

The Sunday Express reports a Carlisle pub has become the first in England to close due to the smoking ban.

It says trade plummeted when the law came into force.

Angelique West, the Milbourne Arms' landlady, tells the paper: "People just didn't go outside to smoke."

The Sunday Mirror discovers Tesco is selling Christmas food with a sell-by date before 25 December.

In one London store, mince pies have to be eaten before 11 October, but a Tesco spokesman reminds the paper: "Seasonal food isn't just for Christmas."

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