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Last Updated: Friday, 31 August 2007, 05:13 GMT 06:13 UK
EU referendum question in focus
Daily newspapers

The Sun refers to what it calls "the mounting clamour for a referendum on the rejigged EU constitution".

Former Europe Minister Keith Vaz has sent an open letter to the paper, calling on Gordon Brown to hold a referendum on the EU reform treaty.

The Independent says the prime minister is being urged to call a snap election to defuse a Labour row over Europe.

Some advisers are urging the PM to seek his own mandate, to head off calls for a referendum on the treaty, it says.

Diana portrait

On the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, many of the papers look ahead to the memorial service due to take place.

The Daily Telegraph illustrates its front page with a colourful portrait of Diana by artist Peter Mason.

The Daily Express continues to focus on the cause of the crash in which Diana died in Paris in 1997.

The paper says a senior French detective believes the driver of a mystery white Fiat Uno was responsible.

Bank challenges

The Independent blows its own trumpet over its campaign against what it calls "unfair" bank charges.

It says customers challenging the charges for overdrafts and bounced cheques have claimed back 2.6bn from banks and building societies.

The Times reports that the Bank of England has lent Barclays 1.6bn, the second major funding in a month.

Barclays made a hurried statement to try to calm fears that it faces a cash crisis, says the Guardian.

Happy ever after?

The Times reports that the divorce rate has hit a 22-year low at 12.2 per 1,000 married men and women.

The statistics suggest that couples no longer regard divorce as a "get out of jail free" card, the paper says.

"Divorces down to record low but is it love that is keeping couples together?" asks the Guardian.

The paper says rulings which have given large sums to wives of the wealthy have "changed the landscape in the English divorce courts".

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