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Dairylea advert 'misled' public
Dairylea product
Kraft said it had reformulated its Lunchables range
A Dairylea online advert claiming its Lunchables snack was "packed with good stuff" was misleading, a watchdog says.

The Advertising Standards Authority said on average each portion contained half the recommended daily intake of salt for four to six-year-olds.

It found two of the six products tested had high levels of saturated fat.

Maker Kraft said Lunchables had since been reformulated, reducing saturated fat and salt contents to levels comparable with a home-made sandwich.

Breach of rules

It received three complaints about the advert which showed various Dairylea Lunchables sandwiches and the phrase: "Packed with good stuff".

The watchdog found the claim had breached advertising rules and told Kraft not to repeat it.

It said the advert claim implied "that Lunchables contained a high proportion of nutrients that were beneficial to health, when we understood that they contained high levels of saturated fat and sodium".

It added: "We therefore concluded that the claim 'packed with good stuff' was misleading."

Kraft told the ASA it had recently changed Lunchables recipes to eradicate artificial colours and flavours.

The reformulated products also have 34% less saturated fat and 9% less salt than the previous range, it said.

It added the online advert was now not being used and would not be reinstated.

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