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Dando killer George refused bail
Barry George
Barry George has always denied he murdered Miss Dando
The man convicted of murdering BBC TV presenter Jill Dando has been refused bail ahead of an appeal hearing.

In November, Barry George's second appeal against his conviction will be made at the Court of Appeal.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has said that at George's trial too much emphasis was placed on a speck of firearms residue found on his clothing.

George was convicted in 2001, two years after the BBC presenter was shot dead on her doorstep in Fulham, west London.

George, 47, a convicted sex offender, was jailed for life.

He was convicted after a jury heard forensic scientists had found a single speck of residue from the gun used to kill Miss Dando, 37, in the pocket of his coat.

In July, the review commission said: "The weight placed on that evidence at the trial, and presumably by the jury, was inappropriate, was incorrect".

'Not persuaded'

At the High Court on Wednesday, Mr Justice Treacy refused the bail application made by George's new legal team, led by Edward Fitzgerald QC.

BBC presenter Jill Dando
Jill Dando was shot dead on her doorstep in April 1999

"I am not persuaded at this stage that this is one of those rare cases where I can take the view that I could order the release on bail because the appeal will be successful," he said.

During the bail hearing, prosecution lawyers said November's appeal would be resisted and that the conviction was entirely safe.

There was "no doubt" the particle of firearms discharge residue found in George's coat pocket was of the same sort discharged from the murder weapon, the prosecution added.

Lawyers for George said their client's appeal was "very strong to the point of being unanswerable".

Speaking outside of the court, George's sister, Michelle Diskin, said: "We still feel confident about the appeal but there's still a lot of hard work to be done."

George has always denied the murder and in 2002 he took his case to the Court of Appeal for the first time and lost.

At his trial, the jury heard that he lived close to Miss Dando.

They were also told he was a loner who was obsessed with guns, celebrities and the BBC, where he had worked as a messenger in 1976.


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