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Newspapers dub PM 'Gordon Bean'
Daily newspapers
Gordon Brown is returning from holiday because of the foot-and-mouth outbreak, news of which came too late for early editions.

Instead, the papers focus on the prime minister's trip to Weymouth which prompts several to liken him to Rowan Atkinson's comedy character, Mr Bean.

The Daily Mail compares the PM's dark trousers and beige jacket to Mr Bean's outfit on his seaside visit.

The Daily Telegraph publishes a picture of Mr Brown striking a pose which it says is "not dissimilar to Mr Bean".

Mayoral race

The Guardian carries an interview with Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

She suggests Tory MP Boris Johnson could harm London's multi-cultural tradition if he becomes its mayor.

The paper says she remains bitter over comments Mr Johnson originally made about recommendations from an inquiry investigating the Lawrence case.

The Independent suggests that mayoral candidates such as Mr Johnson, Ken Livingstone and ex-Met officer Brian Paddick might ignite a wider appeal for politics.

'Intolerable situation'

The Times asks: "High blood pressure, racing heart? You must be flying out of Heathrow."

The paper says the situation is "intolerable" and calls on operator BAA to spend money to resolve the crisis.

A cartoon in the Sun shows a couple sitting together in an airport departure lounge, with a screen above their heads saying "flight delayed".

One of them is saying to the other: "I'll be honest, this isn't how I imagined growing old together."

Madeleine 'sighting'

The Daily Express and the Daily Mirror both report a claim that missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann was seen in Belgium.

The Express describes the development as "one of the first meaningful events since the abduction".

"It must give Madeleine McCann's parents a reason to hope," it adds.

The Mirror says police are DNA-testing a bottle and straw to see if a girl seen sipping a milkshake in a Belgian bar is Madeleine.

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