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Timeline: Aftermath of Menezes death
The following is collated from a report on how the Met Police acted after Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was mistakenly shot on 22 July 2005:


1315: A mobile phone was found on the dead body containing Latin American names in its memory and images of what turned out to be Jean Charles de Menezes. Because of the severity of facial injuries, officers said they could not identify the man in the photographs as the dead man.

1447: A wallet containing Brazilian documentation with the name Jean Charles de Menezes on it was found. It included a driving licence, a temporary Inland Revenue document and bank cards.

1510: Assistant Commissioner Alan Brown was told about the wallet and its contents. He was told the dead man appeared to be of Eastern European ethnicity.

1530: Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick says he was told by colleague Ch Supt Moir Stewart that "we've shot a Brazilian tourist". Ch Supt Stewart disputes this wording of the conversation but acknowledges he told Paddick about the wallet and that there was a Brazilian connection in its contents.

1539: A news conference was held at London's QEII Conference Centre with Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair. He told the media that, "with the information I have available, this shooting is directly linked to the ongoing and expanding anti-terrorist operation". He added: "Any death is deeply regrettable. I understand the man was challenged and refused to obey."

1600: The name Jean Charles de Menezes, taken from the Brazilian identity card, is checked with the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) and comes up on its system. It says he lived in London.

1630: Select journalists - members of the Crime Reporters' Association - were briefed off the record by Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman at Scotland Yard. He tells them the dead man was not one of the four 21 July attempted bombing suspects.

1700 - 1800: A management board meeting was held, attended by both Sir Ian and Mr Hayman. There was no mention at the meeting of Mr Menezes, the wallet, the mobile phone or the emerging identity of the dead man. Mr Hayman also failed to mention what he had told journalists in his off-the-record briefing.

1800 - 1900: The officer who contacted the IND made it clear he was satisfied the dead man was Mr Menezes and that he had no connection to the attempted 21 July bombings.

1844: The Met Police issued a press release, approved by Mr Hayman, which said it "was not known" if the dead man was one of the four 21 July suspects.

2021: The dead man's body was removed from the scene

BEFORE 2200: It was confirmed to Assistant Commissioner Alan Brown that the anti-terrorist branch did not consider the dead man to be linked to the 21 July attempted bombings.


1015: Sir Ian Blair was advised by Mr Brown that the dead man had been identified as a Brazilian and had not been a terrorist.

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