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Last Updated: Monday, 23 July 2007, 04:56 GMT 05:56 UK
Papers cover more flood problems
Newspapers (generic)
Extraordinary scenes of the floods command many of the front pages of Monday's newspapers.

"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink," is the headline in the Daily Mail.

Aerial views of Tewkesbury, encircled by the flood waters, are featured on the front of the Daily Mirror, the Independent and the Financial Times.

The Mirror also covers the predicament of the thousands of residents who have had their water supply cut off.

The Independent and the Guardian are convinced the recent deluge is a consequence of global warming.

But the Times has no truck with such theories of man being responsible for this bout of extreme weather.

Natural causes

Paul Simons - who writes the paper's "Weather Eye" column - reminds us that "our summers are supposed to be wet".

A single wet summer "hardly adds up to any particular trend," he says, claiming it is more plausible to explain the floods as a "natural blip".

Both the Mail and the Times report on a study about childhood obesity.

The report says the children of wealthier parents are up to 15% more likely to be overweight than those from poor households.

The reason, says the Mail, is that working mothers are forced to leave their young with nannies or nurseries.

Tory leader David Cameron, pictured wading through flood waters by some papers, is described as having had a "terrible fortnight" by the Sun.

Older drivers

Several papers feature David Beckham's debut for the American soccer team, LA Galaxy.

The Sun says the red carpet was rolled out at the club's stadium, in the "gritty" suburb of Carson, for stars like Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields.

Bad news for Britain's 1.5m drivers aged over 75, says the Daily Telegraph.

The paper says the Department for Transport is considering refresher tests, medical checks and maybe an upper age limit for older drivers.

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