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De Menezes 2nd anniversary plea
Jean Charles de Menezes
Mr de Menezes was shot a day after the failed 21/7 London bombings
The family of Jean Charles de Menezes vowed to continue their fight for justice as they marked the second anniversary of his death.

They held a minute's silence at Stockwell Tube station where the Brazilian electrician, 27, was shot dead by counter terrorist police.

Mr Menezes' cousins and supporters are campaigning for someone to be held accountable for the shooting.

An inquest has been put on hold until legal action is completed.

'Complex' investigation

Mr Menezes was shot eight times at Stockwell Tube station on 22 July 2005 by police who had mistakenly identified him as a suicide bomber.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided no individual should be prosecuted in connection with the case, although the Metropolitan Police is facing trial under health and safety legislation in October.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has not yet revealed whether any senior officers are to face disciplinary punishment.

Mr Menezes' relatives also called for the Independent Police Complaint's Commission's (IPCC) "Stockwell Two" inquiry - which investigated comments by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair after the shooting - to be released.

The IPCC said last November the results of the inquiry would be delayed because of the complexity of the investigation.

'Difficult moment'

Mr de Menezes' family laid bunches of lilies at a makeshift shrine at the station.

At the end of the brief ceremony Patricia Armani da Silva, 33, a cousin of Mr Menezes who lived with him in south London broke down in tears and had to be consoled by a friend.

She said a few moments later: "This moment is very difficult for us because we know at this moment nothing has been done for justice - we still wait for some kind of justice."

She added: "We will be here every single year until we get this case completed."

The Brazilian's cousin, Alex Pereira, and the other relatives all wore gold T-shirt's embossed with the London Underground logo, but with the words 'Jean Charles de Menezes' replacing the station name.

Mr Pereira said: "This time next year may be we will have the inquest and begin to find out the truth and prove they [the police] committed a crime here."

A spokesman for the family called on the new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to meet the family.

They are to hold a public meeting on Monday in central London to give further details of their campaign work.

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