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Last Updated: Friday, 13 July 2007, 04:58 GMT 05:58 UK
Papers feast on BBC royal apology
Newspapers (generic)
The BBC's apology to the Queen is covered by several newspapers, including the Times and the Daily Mail.

The Times' report appears with two sets of images from the promotional video of the documentary about the Queen.

The first shows the BBC's version of her confrontation with the American photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

The other shows how the sequence of events actually unfolded. The Mail says the Queen was said to be livid at the way the footage was manipulated.

The Independent, the Daily Express and the Sun lead on the plans for the new national curriculum.

Churchill ousted

The Independent's front page is taken up by a draft timetable of what a school week might look like.

This includes lessons in such topics as global warming, British values and citizenship amongst others.

The Sun focuses on the decision to drop the requirement to teach pupils about Sir Winston Churchill - "Two fingers to Churchill", is the paper's headline.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Conservative MP, Boris Johnson, has decided to run for the London mayoral contest next year.

The paper reports that Mr Johnson's failure to secure a promotion to the Shadow Cabinet in last week's reshuffle was a factor in his decision.

Election hint

The Times senses another pointer towards an early general election.

It says the Pre-Budget Report will move from its traditional late November or early December place to October.

It seems fans at the Glastonbury festival this year were too middle-aged - according to its organiser.

The Star has Michael Eavis saying the decision to sell tickets online for this year's event attracted an older clientele, at the expense of teenagers.

And the harlequin ladybird is laying waste to the two-spot British species.

The Independent reports how the harlequin arrived in Essex in 2004 and has made a solid start on ousting our native ladybirds.

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