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Crash death soldier named by MoD
Lance Corporal James Cartwright [Pic: MoD]
L/Cpl Cartwright was in a Warrior when the accident happened
The British soldier who died in a road accident in Iraq has been named as Lance Corporal James Cartwright, 21, by the Ministry of Defence.

The soldier, from Badger Squadron, 2 Royal Tank Regiment, died when his Warrior armoured vehicle rolled off a bridge and landed in water.

The accident took place near Basra in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Two other soldiers were injured in the incident, in the As Sarraji district, and were evacuated to a field hospital.

The Warrior had been part of a supply convoy travelling to Basra Palace. L/Cpl Cartwright was from London and was engaged.

Lieutenant Colonel David Catmur, Commanding Officer of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment - his parent unit in Germany - said: "Lance Corporal Cartwright was a professional soldier and a committed 'Tankie'.

"Despite the fact that he had planned to leave the Army to become a fireman in Lincolnshire, he still deployed to Iraq out of loyalty to his Squadron and Regiment."

His Troop Leader, Lieutenant Jay Ferman, said L/Cpl Cartwright made an "impact he had on everyone he came into contact with.

"No matter who it was, he would always affect their life in some way or another."

L/Cpl's Cartwright's death brings to 151 the number of troops who have died on active service since the 2003 invasion.

The toll includes 36 who have died from illness, non-combat injuries or accidents, or a cause of death which is still unknown.

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