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Dhiren Barot's co-conspirators
These are the seven men who were part of a "sleeper cell" around convicted terrorist Dhiren Barot. The gang had planned a series of bomb plots in the UK and US.


Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, who helped convicted al-Qaeda plotter Dhiren Barot with his "dirty bomb" plan, received a jail sentence of 20 years.

Mohammed Naveed Bhatti

In April, Bhatti admitted a charge of conspiracy to cause explosions.

He provided Barot with access to his garage to store terror plans as well as various kinds of false documents.

Bhatti, who has a first class degree in engineering, also had an job advert for a tanker driver. The use of a tanker figured in the mooted terror conspiracies.


Junade Feroze who helped to keep watch during clandestine meetings when terror attacks against US targets were being planned was jailed for 22 years.

Junade Feroze

In April, Feroze, 31, admitted a charge of conspiracy to cause explosions.

Feroze had visited Internet cafes and can be linked with the sending of coded messages, prosecutors have said.

Because he owned a garage in Blackburn, Feroze could dispose of cars and obtain both tyres and gas canisters which figure in the plans for attacks.


Zia Ul Haq, a buildings expert who acted as a consultant to the conspiracy to mount terror attacks was jailed for a total of 18 years.

Zia Ul Haq

In April, Ul Haq, 28, admitted conspiracy to cause explosions.

Ul Haq's degree covered various aspects of architecture and therefore he provided Barot with information on how to precipitate structural collapse.

He also helped in creating false identities and may have aided Barot in the planning of the attacks.


Abdul Aziz Jalil, who was thought to be convicted al-Qaeda plotter Dhiren Barot's 'minder', has been jailed for a total of 26 years.

Abdul Aziz Jalil

In April, Jalil, 34, admitted conspiracy to cause explosions.

Jalil rented a "safe house" for Barot where planning material was kept and his fingerprints where found on documents relating to chemicals.

He attended terror training camps in Pakistan and assisted with research into radioactivity.


Omar Rehman, who had been tasked by conspiracy mastermind Dhiren Barot to disable fire or security systems, was jailed for 15 years.

Omar Rehman

In April, Rehman 23, admitted conspiracy to cause explosions.

Studying information design, Rehman conducted his research while working at the Ramada Hotel in Watford.

At Rehman's home, investigators in the case discovered plans of a security system and diagrams showing the position of security guards.


Qaisar Shaffi, who travelled with convicted al-Qaeda plotter Dhiren Barot to America for a reconnaissance trip, was jailed for 15 years.

Qaisar Shaffi

In June, Shaffi was convicted of conspiracy to murder.

At his address the police recovered printed pages from the Terrorist Handbook - with references to chemicals and explosives included.

Following his arrest, Shaffi tearfully told his father that he did not know when he would leave prison.


Nadeem Tarmohamed, who travelled to America to help plan potentially devastating attacks there, was jailed for a total of 20 years.

Nadeem Tarmohamed

Barot included a dedication in his book to Tarmohamed and both men held credit cards on the others accounts.

A computer account in Tarmohamed's name was used to save the plans for the attacks on the IMF, New York Stock Exchange and Prudential Buildings.

In April, Tarmohamed, 29, admitted conspiracy to cause explosions.

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