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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 19:50 GMT 20:50 UK
Prince joins Falklands ceremony
Prince Edward
Prince Edward joined Welsh Guards veterans in the Falkland Islands
Prince Edward has joined veterans of the Falklands War to pay tribute to servicemen who died when two troop ships were bombed 25 years ago.

A total of 55 men, most of them Welsh Guards, were killed when Argentine jets attacked the Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram on 8 June 1982.

The prince laid a wreath in Fitzroy in the Falkland Islands in their honour.

In London, HMS Ark Royal arrived in Greenwich ahead of commemorations of the Falklands anniversary.

Although the aircraft carrier was not involved in the Falklands campaign, several crew members did serve in the conflict.

Rallying call

Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram and Lord Parkinson - representing Margaret Thatcher's war Cabinet - are also in the Falklands for the anniversary.

Mr Ingram said Britain remained committed to defending the Falkland Islands 25 years after their liberation, and had the power to do so despite commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal sailed up the Thames to mark the anniversary

Later this week, Lord Parkinson is to lay a wreath on behalf of Baroness Thatcher, who took the decision in 1982 to reclaim the islands after Argentina invaded.

Earlier on Wednesday, Baroness Thatcher herself issued a rallying call to British troops in war zones.

In the message to Falkland Islanders and UK forces, she said: "Fortune does, in the end, favour the brave."

The Falklands War cost the lives of more than 650 Argentine and more than 250 British servicemen and women.


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