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Nude stag man's father apologises
Map of Slovakia
Mr Mallone was detained in Bratislava
The father of a Briton who was jailed in Slovakia after swimming naked in a fountain during his stag party has apologised on his son's behalf.

Stephen Mallone, 25, had faced missing his wedding on 15 June, but the Foreign Office confirmed he had been released early from a two-month jail sentence

His father Chris said the stunt "was in good humour but was a stupid act".

Stephen, of Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, had been "fast-tracked" through the courts.

His wedding to ex-carnival queen Kerry Stokes is said to be costing 20,000.

'Over the moon'

Stephen had been accused of causing a public nuisance by leaping into the fountain in Bratislava. He was arrested on 26 May.

Stephen had come to Bratislava on a stag trip and did swim naked in a fountain
Chris Mallone

Chris Mallone said his family wanted to "unreservedly apologise for any distress or offence caused by Stephen to the people of Bratislava".

"Stephen had come to Bratislava on a stag trip and did swim naked in a fountain outside the American Embassy," he admitted.

But he denied that "any sexual or lewd act" took place.

He also complained that Stephen, who faced a maximum of two years in jail, had been denied legal representation and access to a phone.

Bill Wiggin, who is Stephen's local MP and who had campaigned for his release, told the BBC News website that he was "delighted" to learn he had been set free.

"I have spoken to him and he is over the moon," Mr Wiggins said.

"The whole family are drained, but they are all very relieved."

Mr Wiggins praised Mr Mallone's legal team, who he said had been appointed by the Foreign Office, for getting him out of jail.

The families of Stephen and Miss Stokes had faced the prospect of seeing their wedding cancelled.

Before her fiance's release, Miss Stokes told a national newspaper: "I am struggling to take it all in and it has made an already stressful time even worse."

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