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Cold war warning provides focus
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President Vladimir Putin's warning that US plans for an anti-missile system in eastern Europe could trigger a nuclear war, is examined in many papers.

In a Times interview, Mr Putin says it would be a threat to Russia and it would have to respond.

The Daily Telegraph says the message on the eve of the G8 summit is calculated to cause consternation and division.

The Daily Mail suggests the threat of a new Cold War has a political message but few practical implications.

Champagne moment

With the focus on the G8 meeting, the Independent makes a point on its front page about how much the world's richest countries are doing for the poor.

Britons, for example, spend more on champagne than the government spends on aid - for the Italians it's ice cream.

French donations are dwarfed by what is spent on perfume, the paper reports.

The Guardian leads with reports that ministers face a legal challenge that may force them to plough millions of pounds into prison treatment.

Rebel 'backing'

Aides to David Cameron have told the Daily Express that the Tory leader is ready to stamp his authority in the party row over grammar schools.

However, the Daily Mirror says he has been left rattled, amid signs the infighting is continuing to intensify.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the former Tory leader Michael Howard is furious at the ditching of support for academic selection.

It says he is now offering private backing to party rebels.

Commuting chancellor

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail say Gordon Brown's announcement on terror laws has angered the Home Office.

Outgoing Home Secretary John Reid is preparing to announce his own measures, the papers report.

The Sun, meanwhile, carries a picture of Mr Brown balancing paperwork on his knee as he sits alongside commuters on the London Underground.

The PM-in-waiting took the Piccadilly Line as part of his Gordon Brown for Britain mini-tour, the paper reports.

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