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Papers assess new nuclear report
Newspapers (generic)
The Guardian leads on the release of a Department of Trade and Industry report which outlines where future nuclear power stations could be built.

It says any new plants should be built in the south of England, where the main demand for energy exists.

Among the sites suggested are Brighton, Bristol, the Midlands and Oxfordshire.

But the Financial Times says any reactors built in low-lying coastal areas will need protection from rising sea levels and storm surges.

'Chip and bin'

Both the Times and the Daily Telegraph warn of new taxes on rubbish which the government will allow local councils in England to impose.

The Times reports that they will be able to run a "pay as you throw" scheme, monitored by wheelie bins fitted with microchips - labelled as "chip and bin".

The Telegraph says that more than three million households already have microchips fitted in their bins.

Both papers warn that the plans will be deeply unpopular with the public.


The Times reports that new French president Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered pupils to address teachers using "vous" - rather than the familiar "tu".

The paper says the instruction is part of Mr Sarkozy's campaign to reimpose respect and civility in French society.

He has stirred France's education world and pleased traditionalists, it adds.

A leader recalls Francois Mitterand's presidency, when a colleague suggested ministers use "tu" to each other - and Mr Mitterand replied: "Si vous voulez".

Recycled royal

The Daily Mirror reveals that Prince Charles has had a makeover - to make him look older.

It says the latest waxwork of the heir to the throne at Madame Tussauds shows him with crow's feet, wrinkles, a bald spot and greyer hair.

But, in a move sure to please the environmentally-friendly prince, a spokesman says the waxwork has been recycled from a figure made in 1989.

His new face has been made from clay, beeswax and organic pigments, he adds.

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