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'Morale has been irreparably damaged'
Junior doctors protesting
Junior doctors have protested over the new application process
The High Court has ruled against pressure group Remedy UK, which wanted to scrap a new computerised application system for junior doctor training posts.

Junior doctor Robert Thomas, who is still trying to find a training post, is among those angry at the delays the new system has caused.

I'm completely numb to all this now. The last six months have been a very difficult time for everyone. I have had to cancel holidays and put my life on hold.

I'm grateful for what Remedy is doing. It has been a complete and utter shambles.

Everyone just wants clearance on this. If I haven't got a job, just tell me. I will be bitterly, bitterly disappointed but I need to move on.

Patricia Hewitt [the health secretary] has been intent on causing as much chaos as possible as far as I'm concerned.

'Huge uncertainty'

I'm very disappointed about the Remedy ruling because I think Remedy have tried to act in the interests of doctors, although I'm not surprised this ruling has come this way.

If this new application system had been implemented in a timely, systematic way, if it had been tried and tested, every single doctor could have been in a job by 1 August.

Now, we are just weeks away and no-one knows what they are doing. We are still waiting for second interviews. There's still huge uncertainty and anger in the profession.

Trusts are running around trying to hire locums because they are worried there will be gaps on 1 August when doctors should be starting their training posts.

If the government had made sure everyone was happy instead of just pushing the changes through, this whole fiasco would never have happened.

It has done irreparable damage to morale among junior doctors. I adore the NHS but I am starting to lose my enthusiasm after the way I have been treated

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