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The diary of a carbon rationer
Peter's daughter Molly opens downstairs curtains
Peter's children are joining in efforts to be green
The BBC News website asked Carbon Rationing Action Group member Peter Robinson to describe how his efforts to reduce his carbon footprint affected his daily routine.

Getting up: Don't put the light on in the bedroom, just open the curtains slightly to give a bit of light. This way you avoid losing too much heat through the windows.

In the shower: Use a jug to collect hot water to shave in, to avoid heating more water to fill the washbasin.

Downstairs: Our kids will open the curtains rather than turning the lights on.

Breakfast: No lights on in the morning. Fill the kettle with the amount we need, ie a cup each for me and Sarah.

Gas heating - 3.496 tons
Conventional electricity - 2.738
Travel by car - 4.68
Travel by train - 0.044
Total - 10.958
Work/school: Cycle or walk to work. Sarah and the children will walk to school most days, and then Sarah cycles on to work. Use the bike at work to go to meetings or visit other campuses.

Finishing work: Switch everything off standby and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Teatime: Spend a lot of time in the kitchen rather than moving a lot around the house, so as to avoid having to switch more lights on than necessary. We try to only light one half of the kitchen at one time. We are gradually replacing our incandescent lightbulbs with energy-saving ones.

No TV: We don't watch TV at all, and the kids don't watch videos or DVDs during the week. But there's unlimited viewing for them at the weekends.

If watching DVDs or videos, turn down the dimmer switch really low.

On the computer: Turn the broadband connection on and off only as required. Remember to switch lights off in other parts of the house if they're not needed.

At or after bedtime: Only use the bathroom upstairs, as there's just enough light from the street light outside to see by.

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