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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 May 2007, 01:46 GMT 02:46 UK
E-mail 'Domesday Book' compiled
The British Library says the initiative is a "21st century Domesday Book"
A "21st century Domesday Book" - a snapshot of the United Kingdom seen through e-mails - is being compiled by the British Library.

The library is asking everyone in the UK to forward an e-mail from their inbox or sent mail box representing their life or interests.

Alternatively, people can submit a specially-composed message.

Each eligible e-mail received in May will be recorded and used to create the library's E-Mail Britain archive.

The British Library has joined forces with computer giant Microsoft in its attempt to collect millions of e-mails.

John Tuck, British collections head at the library, said: "E-mail Britain will allow us to archive a vast snapshot of our present-day e-mail communications and will be of great value for future researchers.

"Digital archiving of e-mail has never been attempted before on this scale and we're very excited to be capturing such a rich slice of contemporary life."

The e-mail address for those who wish to take part is email@emailbritain.co.uk.

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