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Hammond 'prefers cycling in town'
Top Gear's Richard Hammond
Hammond says he is ridiculed by Jeremy Clarkson for riding a bike
Top Gear host and motoring fan Richard Hammond has confessed to preferring cycling around town to driving a car.

The BBC Two presenter also told GQ magazine he understood concerns about global warming and said driving 4x4s in London was "pretty unnecessary".

Hammond admitted being ridiculed by fellow host Jeremy Clarkson, known for his cynical views on the environment.

He also spoke about his 280mph crash last year, saying he had been convinced he had "been at a party for two weeks".

Love of bikes

When asked in the magazine interview about public concern over greenhouse gas emissions, the 37-year-old host said: "Well, I can understand that. Driving a Range Rover in London is pretty unnecessary."

Speaking about his own choice of transport, he said: "When I am in town I get around either on a scooter, a motorbike or on a bicycle.

I've lost count of the times I've pulled up to the lights on my shiny Specialized bicycle and heard someone yell, 'Hey, mate, where's your Ferrari?'
Richard Hammond

"The truth is I've always loved cycling, ever since I was a kid.

"I do think that if you have a meeting in London and it's 45 minutes away, you can get in an hour-and-a-half's decent aerobic exercise."

Clarkson ridiculed him "remorselessly", he admitted.

"I've lost count of the times I've pulled up to the lights on my shiny Specialized bicycle and heard someone yell, 'Hey, mate, where's your Ferrari?'," he said.

'Two-week party'

Hammond also recalled his accident in a jet-powered car during filming in September last year which left him fighting for his life.

"It's not an easy business getting over a coma, but I had it easier than others," he said.

"When I came around, I was convinced I'd been at a party for two weeks.

"A party at which - thank God! - I was chatting up my wife, who I really, really fancied. I kept asking her to come outside for a drink and a cigarette."

Hammond returned to presenting BBC Two's Top Gear earlier this year, four months after the crash.

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