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Harry's Iraq mission questioned
Newspapers (generic)
The continued fears over plans to send Prince Harry to Iraq are reported widely in Friday's papers.

The Daily Express claims he has been dubbed the "Crusader Prince" by insurgents who have placed a bounty of 250,000 on his head.

The Times says Army chiefs fear a recent attack on a vehicle, which killed two soldiers, was a "dry run" for an attempt on Harry's life.

But the Daily Mail says Harry will fly out to Iraq within days.

'Legal' drug

A dance drug linked to a series of deaths could be banned across Europe, according some papers.

The Guardian says it is not illegal to take the drug BZP, even though medical experts say it can cause convulsions, anxiety and abnormal heart rates.

The Independent says a young woman who took the drug at a London nightclub last May was lucky to survive.

It says another six patients who were admitted to the same hospital that night suffered from similar symptoms.

Blonde Beckham

The Daily Mirror pays tribute to a man it describes as the last great sporting all-rounder.

Arthur Milton, who has died at the age of 79, hit a century on his England Test debut in 1958 and played football against Austria in 1951.

The Sun's front page image is of David Beckham with dyed blond hair, under the headline: "Blond it like Beckham."

The paper says the former England football captain is being called "Marilyn" by Real Madrid team mates.

'Public concern'

The Financial Times reports that an inquiry is being carried out by the Office of Fair Trading into claims that banks are overcharging customers.

It quotes the OFT as saying it shares the "widespread public concern" about current account charges.

And the Daily Telegraph reports on a verbal clash between Portuguese exports Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester United player accused Mourinho of playing mind games, and the Chelsea manager calls him a "liar".

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