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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 April 2007, 12:45 GMT 13:45 UK
Middleton press complaint settled
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton had complained of harassment
Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has settled a complaint against the Daily Mirror, over a close-up photograph of her.

Miss Middleton made the harassment complaint last week to press watchdog the Press Complaints Commission.

The PCC said the matter had been settled after the paper made a "prompt public expression of regret and admission of error".

The picture showed her walking to work, holding a cup and her car keys.

Richard Wallace, editor of the Daily Mirror, said: "We welcome Miss Middleton's decision."

Announcing the settlement, the PCC issued a warning over press treatment of the 25-year-old.

"Kate Middleton has made repeatedly clear to the press - through the commission, to photographers, and to editors directly - that she objects to being followed by photographers when she is on her own going about her daily business and there is no specific public interest reason for following her," it said.

It added that it wanted to remind editors of the need to refrain from using photos when the subject has asked the photographer to stop taking pictures and when there is no obvious public interest for persisting.

Miss Middleton's complaint alleged there had been a breach of Clause 4 (harassment) of its code of practice.

The next day the Daily Mirror admitted: "We got it wrong and we sincerely regret that."

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