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Captured UK servicemen transcript
Capt Chris Air
The Foreign Office has called the footage unacceptable
This is a transcript of statements made by two captured UK servicemen who appeared on Iranian television on 1 April.

The first British serviceman, named as Royal Marine Captain Chris Air, said:

On the morning of Friday, the 23rd of March at approximately half eight, we left coalition warship Foxtrot 99.

Our task, our two boats, was to go up to the area around this Persian Gulf area round here.

And approximately, about 10 o clock in the morning, we were seized apparently at this point here from their maps on the GPS they've shown us which is inside Iranian territorial waters.

That was about 10 o'clock in the morning. All members of our team were seized, that's 15 - seven marines and the remainder eight are all Navy.

So far we've been treated very well by all the people here, they've looked after us and make sure we've been given enough food and we've been treated very well by them so we thank them for that.

These remarks were made by the second serviceman, who gave his name as Lt Felix Carman:

I operate out of frigate Foxtrot-99 using two sea boats that look like this called Pacifics. And we were arrested in this location here. Yes, I'd like to say to the Iranian people I can understand why you're so angry about our intrusion into your waters.

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