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Elephant kills British tourists
African elephant
Elephants in Zimbabwe killed 12 people in 2005, figures show
Two British tourists were killed in an attack by an elephant in Zimbabwe on Saturday, the Foreign Office has said.

The mother and daughter were charged by the bull elephant during a safari walk with a guide and a professional hunter in Hwange National Park.

A third Briton, the husband and father of the two women, was slightly injured and a tour guide was seriously hurt, officials said.

A guide had attempted to shoot the elephant, but missed.

The Foreign Office did not release any further details at the request of the tourists' family.

Investigations are under way to see if the tour group's armed guides were negligent, Bulawayo police and wildlife authorities said.

Elephants charged and trampled 12 people to death in 2005, according to official figures of reported incidents.

The elephant population in the western Hwange park, the country's largest nature reserve, has soared in the absence of regular culling measures, conservation groups said.

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