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Views on bin collection shake-up
More bin collections could be made fortnightly instead of weekly after government-funded research said wrapping the rubbish would avoid hygiene problems.

There are also hopes it would encourage recycling. Two householders give their views.


I think it's a good idea because it discourages people from putting so much rubbish out.

Bruce Collins
I see people throw five bin bags out every week and you can hear the glass bottles and tins
Bruce Collins

If people can keep down the food they throw away there wouldn't be the issue with hygiene. People ought to educate themselves to buy what they need and not to waste their food.

I see people throw five bin bags out every week and you can hear the glass bottles and tins which could be recycled in there. That shouldn't be allowed. I think people should be fined if they don't recycle.

The environment matters and if we can help the environment, even in a small way, we should do it. I think people are just lazy and can't be bothered to sort out their rubbish.

Probably not as many people share my view about rubbish collections as there should be but people need to be educated.

It should be brought in as soon as possible, no time to wait. In the long run it would bring in large benefits.

These things take time but people would get used to the idea of rubbish collections every fortnight. There wasn't really any recycling 20 years ago but now all councils do it.


I think it's absolutely disgusting. In Sutton they introduced fortnightly collections in 1999 and there was a petition with 22,000 signatures against it.

David Pickles
It doesn't encourage recycling. It's got the opposite effect
David Pickles

It wasn't a particularly hot summer but there were comments about maggots and bluebottles everywhere. They went back to weekly collections in 2001.

Fortnightly collections would be an absolute disaster. The bins themselves aren't actually big enough to hold two weeks of rubbish. We had problems with maggots in the dustbin and we had to disinfect it everyday.

I object to it on health and hygiene grounds. There weren't many people who said to me that they were happy with fortnightly collections.

It doesn't encourage recycling. It's got the opposite effect. People get cheesed off. After 10 days they were actually putting all their rubbish together instead of recycling some of it.

It did encourage fly-tipping and people were just dumping their rubbish. It's a fallacy to say it helps recycling.

I believe the vast majority of the public are against it.

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23 Feb 07 |  Leicestershire

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