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'Fifth bomber' went to an arcade
Manfo Kwaku Asiedu
Police previously released images allegedly of Mr Asiedu on 21 July
The alleged fifth 21 July bomber visited an amusement arcade just hours after "losing his nerve" and dumping his device, a court heard.

New CCTV footage played at Woolwich Crown Court showed Manfo Kwaku Asiedu calmly strolling around Funland in London's Trocadero Centre.

He is said to have backed out of the alleged failed plot to detonate bombs in London at the last moment.

Six defendants deny conspiracy to murder and to cause explosions.

The jury has heard how Mr Asiedu, of no fixed address, was the fifth bomber accused of carrying a bomb made of hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour.

'Bus ride'

It is alleged he backed out of the plan on the day and dumped his rucksack bomb near Little Wormwood Scrubs, west London.

He was seen carrying a rucksack - allegedly containing the bomb - and a JD Sports bag earlier on 21 July, the court heard.

His mobile phone was traced up until 1248 GMT in the west London area, prosecutors said.

Grainy CCTV images showed him boarding the 94 bus on Goldhawk Road in Shepherd's Bush just before 1330 GMT, carrying the rucksack.

Prosecutors say he dumped the bomb before placing the JD Sports bag inside the rucksack.


Mr Asiedu allegedly spent 70 minutes on board the bus before getting off near Oxford Circus at 1450 GMT.

Junior prosecution counsel Max Hill said: "At the Trocadero Centre he is still wearing his rucksack and makes his way to Funland.

"He walks around until he appears to be in conversation with two gentlemen - some kind of security staff."

After being searched, Mr Asiedu walked along Coventry Street, Rupert Street and towards Piccadilly Circus, stopping at one point to sit on the pavement, the court was told.

Muktar Ibrahim, Hussein Osman, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya are also accused of plotting the failed attacks as part of an extremist Muslim plot.

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