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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 March 2007, 07:50 GMT
Green motoring campaign launched
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The government wants motorists to help cut CO2 emissions
A campaign to get drivers to take easy steps to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions has been launched by the government.

The "Drive Smarter" campaign aims to get motorists to follow simple tips to reduce their impact on the environment.

If all drivers followed the advice, CO2 emissions each year could be reduced by 8% - or by more than 5.5m tonnes, the government says.

Advice includes cutting down on engine revving and monitoring tyre pressure.


The tips, to be accessed via a website and promoted in adverts, also include advice to clear clutter from cars to reduce vehicle weights.

The campaign website also has a savings calculator which allows motorists to work out how much money they could save if they acted on the tips.

Transport Minister Gillian Merron said: "Climate change will affect us all, but we can all do our bit to help tackle it.

"Little changes can make a big difference - and this campaign is all about giving drivers practical tips to help them make that real difference. "

She added: "We all know climate change is a big issue and if all motorists did their bit, we'll see a reduction of some five and a half million tonnes of CO2 in just a year, and also a reduction in motoring costs as people use less fuel. So for me it's a win win."

Top tips

Environment Secretary David Miliband said he hoped the campaign would "inspire people to reduce their CO2 emissions" and to "change their behaviours to adopt a lower-carbon lifestyle".

Bob Millard of the Driving Standards Agency says motorists can take some easy steps to drive in a more environmentally friendly way.

He said: "Top tips are look ahead, plan ahead further, avoid heavy braking, don't over-rev the engine, change to a higher gear as soon as you can, keep your tyres as the correct pressure, and look at the junk and clutter you may have in your boot, or on the roof."

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