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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 March 2007, 06:50 GMT
Judge's views dismissed by papers
Newspapers (generic)

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, comes in for criticism from the papers by questioning the need for mandatory life sentences.

The Sun sets the tone, reporting that Britain's most senior judge has "sparked disgust" with his "bleating that killers are serving too long behind bars".

The Express dismisses what it calls "the latest ramblings of our most senior judge".

The Mail asks: what about the promise made when capital punishment was abolished, that life would mean life?

"Fall of the godfather" is how the Guardian describes the jailing of Terry Adams, whom it calls the head of Britain's most feared crime family.

His network flourished for two decades before the combined efforts of the Inland Revenue, the police and MI5 caught up with him, the paper reports.

According to the Sun, Terry Adams modelled himself on the New York mafia boss, John Gotti.

It says he is rumoured to have amassed a 200m fortune from his empire.

Same hymn sheet?

Several papers have pictures of Gordon Brown and David Cameron arriving for the wedding of a mutual friend, public relations executive Alan Parker.

As the Telegraph puts it, rarely have the two biggest rivals in politics been seen singing from the same hymn sheet.

The paper adds that it is not known whether they found time for a chat over a glass of champagne.

However, the Mail says the pair ignored each other at the service, despite sitting in the same row.

Patience triumph

The Mirror and the Sun tell how an east London couple nearly missed out on a 2.5m lottery win after forgetting to check their ticket for a month.

The pair are described as "long-suffering West Ham fans" who've finally got something to cheer about.

Appropriately, they are called Terry and Lynn Patience.

The Sun adds that Sunderland fan Michael Eggleston, 61, was also celebrating winning 2.7m.

Top of his modest wish-list is a Reliant Robin.

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