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What MI5 heard at crime boss's home
One of the UK's most notorious gangsters has been jailed for seven years for money laundering offences. The police and MI5 began targeting Terry Adams in 1997. Below is an excerpt of some of the conversations picked up by an MI5 bug at his home.

18 NOVEMBER 1997

Adams is questioning his business adviser and principal money launderer Solly Nahome about a $500,000 business transaction, which is clearly a fraud. Having retired from crime, he is keen not to get involved in anything illegal. Nahome was murdered a year later.

Terry Adams: "So it's illegal?"

Solly Nahome: "It's illegal afterwards"

TA: "Then it's an illegal transaction. You should have said straight away. I don't do anything illegal....No you don't do anything like that cos you're doing something illegal. Why are you doing something illegal when you don't need to Sol. We're not, we do things straight now Sol."

SN: "I spoke to you about it, you told me don't do it and that's the end of it...It ain't a lot of money anyway."

TA: "What is it?"

SN: "Half a million dollars split three ways. (Inaudible) the aggravation."

TA: "(Inaudible) doing something illegal. We don't do anything illegal now Sol. We do everything straight. Alright. I'm not a criminal no more Sol. I'm a straight person now. You've never been a criminal Sol. You've always been.."

SN: "Mr Big"

Solly Nahome
Solly Nahome, who was shot dead by a hitman in November 1998

TA: "You've always been a straight person"

SN: "Well no. I've been a straight person but I'm the adviser aren't I?"

TA: "All you've ever advised me is to go straight. I'm straight now. No, what I'm saying Sol, you don't do anything illegal."

23 JULY 1997

Nahome mentions a dispute with an associate over 250,000. Later Gilbert Wynter, the Adams family's enforcer, joins the conversation and they discuss pressurising someone for money which he owes. Wynter disappeared in March 1998 and is now presumed dead.

Terry Adams tells Wynter: "Just grab him...Knock him out, put him on his arse...I mean it Gil, you've got to live him, put the fear of God into him mate, (so) he knows it's only down to you that he's walking about and breathing fresh air"


Adams is reminiscing with his brother Danny about an incident several years earlier when he and an associate had been lied to over money.

Terry Adams: "There was a geezer that was lying to us Dan, right, on my baby's life. Dan I've got something about me when things happen. When I hit someone with something I do them damage. And I went to the geezer. Stealing a 100 grand it was Dan, or eighty grand, and I went crack. On my baby's life Dan, his knee cap came right out there"

Danny Adams: (Laughs)

TA: "All white Dan, all bone"


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