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Last Updated: Monday, 5 March 2007, 16:53 GMT
Charles sees Camilla in hospital
Duchess of Cornwall
Camilla will need to rest for up to six weeks following the operation
Prince Charles has visited the Duchess of Cornwall in hospital as she recovers from her hysterectomy operation.

Camilla, 59, underwent the major procedure at the exclusive King Edward VII hospital where she is now expected to remain for the rest of the week.

Charles went into the central London hospital through a side door, away from waiting reporters.

Clarence House said the duchess, who will need to rest for up to six weeks after surgery, is "recovering well".

Her engagements have been postponed while she recuperates.

'Routine operation'

The duchess returned to the UK a few days ago after a 10-day tour of the Gulf with the Prince of Wales.

Camilla arrived at the hospital in Beaumont Street just before 2300 GMT on Sunday.

About one in five women in the UK has a hysterectomy operation, which involves the removal of the womb, before the age of 60.

The operation can be performed for a number of medical reasons, including fibroids or "lumps" in the uterus, cancer, and heavy or irregular periods.

Clarence House has described the operation as routine and said it was not cancer-related.

Royal patients

During the royal couple's recent five-country tour of the Arabian peninsula, it appeared that the strain of the trip was taking its toll on Camilla.

In Qatar, mid-way through the tour, there were doubts about whether she was fit enough to join her husband on an evening visit to a traditional market.

But after a rest, Clarence House said she was well enough to attend.

The Royal Family, including the Queen and the late Queen Mother, have used the King Edward VII hospital many times.

The Queen, who is patron of the hospital, first went there in 1982 when she had a wisdom tooth extracted. She had a knee operation at the hospital in 2003.

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