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Papers show Cameron under 'fire'
Newspapers (generic)
The papers show Conservative leader David Cameron in Manchester being followed by a hooded youth pointing a hand gesture in the shape of a pistol at his back.

The Sun calls it "the sickening yob response" to Mr Cameron's so-called "hug a hoodie" appeal to reach out to misunderstood teenagers.

The Daily Mail says the incident showed it was a "risky initiative".

And the Mirror asks if Mr Cameron still wants to offer that hug after all.

'Career soldier'

The papers are united in praise for Prince Harry after it was announced he is to serve in Iraq.

The Times says the head of the army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, gave his personal permission for Harry to go.

The Sun calculates that the "brave" young royal will earn just 2.27 an hour for his service.

And the Independent quotes palace sources who say that Prince Harry is a "career soldier" who specifically asked to go to Iraq.

'Blood-stained hands'

Prime Minister Tony Blair attracts widespread criticism in the papers for comments made on the BBC's Today programme on Thursday.

The Daily Telegraph claims he mounted an "audacious 34-minute raid", but that everything went wrong.

And the Daily Mail suggests Mr Blair missed his calling in life as a criminal barrister.

The paper imagines him defending a client caught with "blood-stained hands" standing next to a dead body.

'Thunderous indifference'

The papers are largely unimpressed with Michael Meacher's decision to challenge Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership.

The Guardian says there was "thunderous indifference" to the announcement from the left-wing MP.

The Times says he has "no chance" of winning even if he musters the 45 MPs needed to force a contest.

But the Independent is more supportive of Mr Meacher saying he will tackle Mr Brown over his commitment to the environment.

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