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Charles and Camilla tour mosque
The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles
Charles and Camilla listened to children reciting from the Koran
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited Kuwait's largest mosque on the second day of their tour of Gulf states.

The couple spent 40 minutes in the Grand Mosque, which can hold 10,000 worshippers in its main prayer hall.

The Prince has a long-held interest in Islamic traditions and has visited mosques around the world.

The 10-day tour of the Arabian peninsula is to "reinforce Britain's friendship with key allies"

As they walked underneath the 141ft high dome of the Grand Mosque, their guide, Mohammed al Weteb, told them its interior surface was decorated with the 'Asma al-hosna' - the 99 names of God.

Later, the Prince and the Duchess joined the Kuwaiti minister of religious affairs and justice, Dr Abdullah Matouq Al Matouq, for discussion about a dialogue between faiths.

Prince Charles, out of all the major international figures who come to this country, is the most sympathetic to Islam
Iman Martin

A Clarence House spokesman said after the meeting: "They exchanged views on ways to combat extremism and how to promote an understanding of Islam as a moderate and peaceful religion.

"They talked about how 60% of the population of Gulf countries are under 25 and unemployed, and tackling that is an important way to reduce the likelihood of extremism and anti-social behaviour."

The royal couple had removed their shoes before entering the building.

The Duchess stepped barefoot into the mosque and covered her head with a white scarf, while the Prince showed off pale blue socks.

The Duchess' bare feet
Camilla toured the mosque barefoot and with head covered

During the tour Prince Charles talked to Iman Martin, a Muslim convert who is originally from the UK and has lived in Kuwait 18 years.

She said: "The majority of Kuwaitis understand that Prince Charles, out of all the major international figures who come to this country, is the most sympathetic to Islam."

Later the Prince and Duchess witnessed traditional weaving by a Bedouin craftswoman.

Prince Charles tried on a brown Bisht with gold trim - a long robe with wide sleeves.

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