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Death videos shown in bomb trial
A Jihadi rap video played at the 21/7 trial
Jihadi rap video: Played to the jury
The jury in the 21 July terror trial has been shown videos of captives being killed, including beheadings, allegedly found in the homes of two defendants.

In another video, there was footage of 9/11, as well as people apparently making bombs and a suicide vest packed with ball bearings.

The films were found in flats occupied by two of the defendants, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

Six men deny conspiracy to murder and cause explosions in London in 2005.

They are Yassin Omar, 26, Hussein Osman, 28, Manfo Asiedu, 33, Muktar Ibrahim, 29, Ramzi Mohammed, 25, and Adel Yahya, 24.

'Warfare images'

The prosecution said videos of killings were found at a flat in Curtis House, New Southgate, north London, where Mr Omar is said to have lived.

In one, a man in a red hood was shown placing a knife to the neck of an unknown kneeling victim. It was then stopped

After the video was stopped junior prosecutor Alison Morgan told the court what happened next.

"He then goes on to cut the throat of the victim, dismembers his body and holds it up to the camera," she said.

The footage also showed images of warfare.

Another of the videos featured a blindfolded man in a shallow ditch. The film was stopped and Miss Morgan said his throat had been cut, his head then cut off and displayed for the camera.

Other footage allegedly found at Curtis House included the aftermath of a suicide bomb on a US barracks in Saudi Arabia, a jihad rap video, BBC footage from 7 July, and speeches by Osama Bin Laden and radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Seven executions

Footage was also played to the jury which had allegedly been discovered at Blair House, near Stockwell, south London, where Mr Osman is said to have lived.

It showed the construction of bombs as well as of a suicide vest's detonation after being draped on a dummy.

Footage from seven killings was shown, including those of an apparent Egyptian spy, a Korean man, a US electrical engineer and a CIA agent.

The killing footage featuring the red-hooded man found at Curtis House was also found at Blair House, the court heard.

Each time the footage was shown, it was stopped before the fatal shot was fired or the blade cut the throat.

Miss Morgan also explained to the nine-woman, three-man jury what was about to happen before each film was shown.

The trial continues.

The six men are accused of plotting to detonate a series of bombs on the capital's transport network on 21 July 2005.

Clips from the videos shown to the trial jury

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