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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 February 2007, 07:16 GMT
Cameron drug claim leads papers
Sunday's papers
Tory leader David Cameron's alleged schoolboy experience with cannabis makes several front pages.

The Independent On Sunday, which begins serialising the biography containing the claim, says he is entitled to have a past.

The Observer believes the revelation, if it is true, should neither surprise nor shock.

But Peter Oborne, in the Mail On Sunday, says Mr Cameron should say he is ashamed of what he did.


An anti-road charging petition which has received one million signatures has attracted the attention of columnists.

Henry Porter, in the Observer, takes most of a page to argue that Prime Minister Tony Blair should not ignore such a large petition.

In the Sunday Express Jimmy Young argues that the new tax would force people on modest incomes off the road.

The Mail On Sunday devotes a page to an editorial which says the government would be stupid to ignore the petition.

'Bully boy tactics'

The People takes military officials to task for failing to see the funny side of a spoof video about Tony Blair and Osama bin Laden, made by soldiers.

Disciplinary action is threatened for possible racism which the paper says is unnecessary political correctness.

The Sunday Mirror exposes what it says are the "bully-boy" tactics of Britain's bailiffs.

An undercover reporter working for a fine collection firm says he was told to ignore the code of conduct.

New craze

The Sunday Telegraph runs a piece focusing on Dame Helen Mirren's potential earning power if she wins an Oscar for her title role in The Queen.

It says her salary will rocket from 1.5m per film to nearer 5m.

The Observer reports on what is said to be a new craze - climbing tall cranes, taking pictures of yourself and posting them on the internet.

The paper says perpetrators are often risking their lives for a literal "high" and defy heavy security.

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