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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 July 2007, 09:54 GMT 10:54 UK
Heathrow hit by baggage backlog
Evacuation at Heathrow terminal four
More than 100 flights were cancelled last week in a security alert
A backlog of thousands of bags has built up at Heathrow Airport following the recent terror alerts.

Extra security checks were introduced after the suspected failed car bombings in London and Glasgow, and Terminal 4 was closed by a suspect package.

Heavy rain which delayed some flights has also added to the luggage mountain.

A British Airways spokesman said volunteers had been drafted in to help clear the backlog, but it could take several days to sort out.

Darren Woodcock of Cheltenham told the BBC News website: "My wife travelled on the 29th, after the London incidents began, but before the Glasgow attack and before the threat level was raised. She is still waiting for her luggage 8 days later..."

On Tuesday, thousands of people were evacuated and 108 flights cancelled on Tuesday after a suspicious bag was found.

The airport reopened after five hours and the backlog of passengers was cleared, but many people were forced to travel without their luggage.

Any BA passengers who are affected are being advised to log onto the airline's website where they can trace their bag online.

Terminal 4 also serves KLM, Qantas, Kenya Airways, Iberia Airlines and Brazilian airline TAM.

Piles of baggage piled up at Heathrow

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