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Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2007, 12:10 GMT
Rocket attack on UK base in Basra
UK troops
There are about 7,000 British soldiers stationed in Basra
Six British soldiers have been hurt after rockets and mortars struck a military base in southern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence has said.

One soldier was seriously wounded while the others received minor injuries in the attack on the Basra Palace camp.

Four soldiers were taken to a field hospital and two received treatment on the spot, a spokeswoman said.

About 7,000 UK troops are in Basra. The government says it hopes to transfer security to Iraqi forces this year.


The MoD said the camp came under fire from rockets, mortars and small arms on three occasions on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday, two British soldiers sustained minor injuries after a roadside bomb exploded in the Al Ashshar area of Basra province.

An armoured convoy came under attack as it carried out a security patrol along the banks of a river.

The incidents came as US Defence Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Basra on a previously unannounced visit for talks with the US and coalition commanders in Iraq.

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