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'Bomb plotter' studied chemistry
L-R from top Manfo Asiedu, Muktar Ibrahim, Ramzi Mohammed, Yassin Omar, Hussein Osman and Adel Yahya
The six men have denied charges of conspiracy to murder
One of the alleged 21 July bombers would have learned about rates of reaction in substances when he studied chemistry at college, a court heard.

Woolwich Crown Court heard from Yassin Omar's former teacher how the course he took in 1998-99 covered how different factors can affect reaction rates.

Notes from the GNVQ intermediate chemistry course taken by Mr Omar were recovered from his north London home.

Six men deny conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions.

Mr Omar's home in New Southgate is the location of the alleged "bomb factory" used in the lead up to 21 July.

The jury heard that "In the name of Allah" was written on one of the pages of the notes which were recovered.

Syllabus content

Ann Obatomi, Mr Omar's chemistry teacher at Enfield College, told the court that when the student had taken the course, the syllabus included rates of reaction and "looking at the effects of temperature, the use of catalysts, to increase the rate of reaction".

"They would find out if they increase the concentration, that would increase the rate," she said.

The court was told that Mr Omar took four hours of chemistry a week but at the end of the academic year, in summer 1999, he failed the course as his attendance tailed off.

Bottles of hydrogen peroxide
The charge for the alleged bombs was hydrogen peroxide and flour

The jury heard earlier how the main charge for the alleged bombs consisted of a blend of hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour.

Prosecutor Nigel Sweeney QC said the alleged bombers had bought 443 litres of peroxide in 284 bottles from suppliers located in Finchley, Tottenham and Finsbury Park, north London.

The court was told that one of the men, Manfo Asiedu, used a discount card to order hundreds of bottles of hydrogen peroxide from a hairdressing supplier at a reduced trade price.

Sandra Sealey, the manager of a Sally's Hair and Beauty Supplies in Finchley, north London, told the jury Mr Asiedu bought 14 bottles of peroxide in early May 2005, their total stock for that day.

She said using a "Sally's Card" to get trade discount of more than two thirds off, he visited the branch at least four times in less than two months, gradually buying more and more bottles of peroxide.

"I think I asked him what it was for and he said it was for 'stripping paint'," Ms Sealey told the court. "I looked at Orlando [her colleague at the shop] and we kind of questioned it between us."

Mr Omar, Muktar Ibrahim, Mr Asiedu, Hussein Osman, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya all deny attempting to bomb London's transport network on 21 July 2005.

The trial continues.

Police surveillance photos of the accused men

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