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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 January 2007, 06:40 GMT
Brother 'racism' frontpage news
Newspapers (generic)
The Celebrity Big Brother racism row is front page news across the papers with only the Daily Telegraph, the Times and the Guardian opting for other leads.

"World in Crisis" screams The Sun headline on the international fall-out.

It accuses Jade Goody of plunging the UK into a "bitter race war" with India, by targeting actress Shilpa Shetty.

The Independent says Channel Four is "celebrating", as "complaints escalate" and crowds in India burn effigies of Big Brother bosses.

University tuition costs

The Guardian leads with a survey of the heads of universities in England, which suggests that tuition fees will rise to 6,000 a year, to cover teaching costs.

A head of one of the elite Russell Group of universities says parents should be prepared to save much more for their children's higher education.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mirror believes the Home Office will be embarrassed again.

It claims Gary Glitter's convictions for molesting children in Vietnam are not on the Police National Computer.

Headmaster's hardline regime

Several papers report on the discontent at King's of Wessex Community School due to the head's "zero-tolerance" approach to discipline.

One pupil tells the Daily Mail he was put in detention for eating an apple on the tennis courts, because it was not a "designated food area".

Others have been punished for wearing the wrong shade of black trousers.

But The Daily Express says the school's impressive academic results vindicate Chris Richardson's hardline regime.

Premiership windfall

The Independent has a warning that Snowdon may lose its snow cover within 13 years, because of climate change.

A team from the Countryside Council for Wales and the University of Wales, Bangor, has made the prediction.

The team measured the lowest point at which snow settles on the mountain for the past nine months.

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reports that from next season the Premiership football clubs could earn 900m a year. The boost is due to lucrative TV deals.

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