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'Movements' of 21 July bomb plot accused
The trial of the six men accused of planning suicide bombings on London's public transport system on 21 July 2005 opened at Woolwich Crown Court with the prosecution detailing what it said the men's movements were on that day.


Yassin Omar

Prosecutor Nigel Sweeney QC said there was "no doubt" Yassin Omar intended to detonate his bomb at Warren Street Tube station.

On 21 July, he arrived at Stockwell Tube station with Ramzi Mohammed and Muktar Ibrahim before allegedly boarding a north-bound Victoria Line train on his own at 1226 GMT.

The prosecution said his movements were caught on CCTV.

As the train approached Warren Street at 1237 GMT, he tried to detonate his bomb, the prosecution said.

The detonator fired but the main charge did not.

Mr Sweeney said Mr Omar was heard to shout in what appeared to be pain and may have been blown into the air by the blast.

The train alarm was activated by passengers and as the driver pulled the train fully onto the platform at Warren Street, Mr Omar fled among the mass of people leaving it.

Map of London showing key locations of prosecution case

The court was played CCTV footage which the prosecution said showed him escaping up an escalator and into the lobby where he vaulted the gate and fled the station.

Mr Sweeney said he went north up Hampstead Road and approached passers by for help.

He approached two women in traditional Muslim dress and demanded the younger of the two take him to her home.

Mr Sweeney said: "When she declined he said words to the effect of 'What kind of Muslim are you not helping another Muslim?'"

He later allegedly fled London disguised as a Muslim woman wearing a burka.

He was eventually arrested standing fully-clothed with a rucksack on his back in a bath at an address in Birmingham.


Muktar Ibrahim

Mr Sweeney said there could be "no doubt" that Mr Ibrahim tried to explode his bomb on a number 26 bus at the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Hackney Road.

Mr Ibrahim was caught on CCTV arriving at Stockwell Tube station in south London on July 21 with Yassin Omar and Ramzi Mohammed, before taking a Northern Line Tube train to the City.

He is alleged to have got out at Bank station and caught a number 26 bus, going east, sitting on the top deck.

"As the bus reached the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Hackney Road, at shortly after 1pm, he detonated his bomb," Mr Sweeney told Woolwich Crown Court.

After it failed to detonate he fled the scene, Mr Sweeney added.


Ramzi Mohammed

"There can be no doubt that Mohammed was the Oval bomber," Mr Sweeney told the court.

Mr Mohammed allegedly arrived at Stockwell station with Mr Ibrahim and Mr Omar and took a Northern Line train.

The next stop was Oval station, and before the station had been reached Mr Mohammed had attempted to set off his device, the court was told.

CCTV footage was played to the court which the prosecution said showed Mr Mohammed boarding the train before turning his back to a mother and her child and trying to detonate his bomb.

As the train driver continued to an open platform, the footage showed Mr Mohammed being confronted by another passenger at 1226 GMT.

At one point he dropped the rucksack to the ground and pointed at it repeatedly.

Mr Sweeney said: "Mohammed said not that it was a bomb, but rather 'What's the matter, it is bread, it isn't me, it was that', pointing to the rucksack."

When the train arrived at Oval station, the prosecution said he fled through the main doors and more CCTV footage was played showing him sprinting up a down escalator.

From Oval, the jury was told, he ran towards Brixton, running in a circle through side streets and getting rid of his top - emblazoned with the words "New York" - and some of his bomb-making equipment.

Mr Sweeney said Mr Mohammed's fingerprints were found in the train carriage, and DNA was found on a shirt that was in the rucksack carrying the bomb.


Hussein Osman

The court was told that Hussein Osman was supposed to detonate his bomb near Shepherd's Bush Tube station.

The prosecution said CCTV footage shows him boarding a Hammersmith and City line train at Westbourne Park Tube station travelling to Hammersmith.

Witnesses said he appeared to be talking to himself.

He was said to have tried to detonate his bomb between Latimer Road and Shepherd's Bush Tube stations.

The prosecution said the 16 passengers in his carriage heard a "loud bang" and some saw him thrown off his feet.

The Tube driver stopped the train before continuing to Shepherd's Bush station.

Mr Osman allegedly fled through a window and tried to climb on to the roof of the train before jumping down on the opposite side from the platform.

Passengers said they then saw him make his way back along tracks until he climbed over a trackside wall.

CCTV cameras caught him getting on a bus to Wandsworth, the court heard.

Boots bearing his DNA were later recovered from a wooded area in Brighton and matched marks he made while making his escape, it was alleged.


Manfo Kwaku Aseidu

Manfo Kwaku Asiedu was said by Mr Sweeney to have "lost his nerve at the last moment" and dumped his bomb in a wooded area in Little Wormwood Scrubs in west London. It was found two days later.

The prosecution says that Mr Aseidu went on a camping trip to Scotland with some of the other accused in 2004.


Adel Yahya

Adel Yahya took part "in some of the essential preparation done in furtherance of the conspiracy," Mr Sweeney told the court.

The court heard Mr Yahya was out of the country on 21 July 2005.

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