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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 January 2007, 16:45 GMT
Readers tell of weather chaos
Severe wind and rain have left thousands of people across the UK without power.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their stories of how the weather has affected them.


Gary Mucklow, of Kidderminster, came across a scene of devastation on Thursday morning as he returned home from dropping off his son at school.

Car crushed by tree in Kidderminster. Picture by Gary Mucklow
Two cars were destroyed by a fallen tree in Kidderminster

The strong winds had uprooted a tree on the corner of Winchat Grove and Heronswood Road.

Fortunately, the tree narrowly missed a house, crushing the corner of its garage.

Unfortunately, two cars were written off.


Phil Lewin, of Loughborough, was impressed with the generosity of a fellow motorist when he became stranded in flood water.

"I'm afraid to say I was stupid enough to get my car stuck in flood water on the way to work this morning, only a couple of miles outside of my village," he told the BBC News website.

"A kind passer-by in his 4x4 stopped to offer help and towed me out."

Mr Lewin was forced to bail out his car using an old drinks bottle, he added.


Many readers have complained about inanimate objects seemingly taking on a life of their own.

Gill, from Thatcham, Berks, said her fence had "just left home and moved in with the people two doors down".

"Three doors down, their chimney decided to go for a ride in my car, launched itself off the roof and tried to smash its way through the passenger door," she added.

Max Bladen-Clark, of Stoke Hammonds, Bucks, meanwhile, emailed the BBC News website to report that "half a greenhouse just flew in my garden".

"I've got to cycle six miles to school yet," he adds.

"What I do for an education."


Richard Brooker said the people of Leamington Spa - where the River Leam has broken its banks - are concerned that floods in the town could get worse.

Flooded land in Leamington spa. Photo by Helen Ashbourne
A sign asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads was redundant

"It's mainly farmland that's flooded at the moment but it's getting pretty darn close to the town," he said.

"People are quite worried because there were big, big floods in Easter 1996 that completely flooded the whole town. It was under water."

Mr Brooker has sent in a picture taken by his colleague at Warwick District Council, Helen Ashbourne, showing flooded land and a redundant sign asking for dogs to be kept on leads.

"I guess the dogs will have to find an alternative route or start wearing water wings," Mr Brooker said.


Lynn Corbett says of her home town: "Selsey is a coastal town in West Sussex, jutting out three miles from the rest of the coastline and it's surprising we're still here.

"Famous for our tornado a few years ago, the gale force winds we have had seem never ending.

The noise of the sea crashing against the shingle beaches was "amazing", she added.


Meanwhile, Derby's Max Muscroft uses humour to make the point that other countries come off far worse than the UK from severe weather.

A plastic chair blown over by the wind
"Damage" caused by "a storm that passed through southern England"
"With all the news on TV lately about the extreme weather conditions affecting the east coast of the US and the mud slides in the Middle East and South America we shouldn't forget that England has its share of devastating weather too," he writes.

"I've attached a photo illustrating the damage caused to a friend's home from a storm that passed through southern England last night.

"It really makes you cherish what you have and reminds us not to take things for granted."

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