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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 23:59 GMT 00:59 UK
'Violent' video game ad condemned
PlayStation2 control
The ASA branded Electronic Arts' poster "irresponsible"
A poster for a computer game has been strongly criticised by the advertising watchdog after complaints that it encouraged violence and vandalism.

The advert for Burnout Dominator showed a wrecked sports car, broken glass and a burning tyre, and had the slogan "Inner peace through outer violence".

The Advertising Standards Authority ordered the London Tube poster not to be used after receiving 37 complaints.

Games firm Electronic Arts said the poster was obviously for a video game.

The advert would not be seen to support actual violence, the company added.

Anti-social behaviour

Those who complained thought the poster was offensive and likely to encourage violence, dangerous driving or vandalism.

The ASA said the slogan, combined with images of a car that seemed to have crashed at high speed and a burning tyre, could be seen to condone dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour.

The authority called the poster "irresponsible".

Electronic Arts said the advert deliberately did not show people, so the focus was on the game and not real life.

The company said it would not run the poster again.

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