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UK voters' panel: Georgina Grant

Georgina Grant
Name: Georgina Grant
Age: 63
Lives: Guildford
Works: Communications officer
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"A grandmother who values family life, employed, but approaching retirement"

The Blair years were long on promises and short on delivery.

Mr Blair was astute enough to realise that in order to get the Labour Party into office in 1997, he had to appeal to the voters of middle England.

The dream he sold to them has turned out to be unrealistic however.

We still have problems with the NHS, education, transport, crime, juvenile disorder and inner city deprivation.

Money has been thrown at them but no real improvements have followed.

Many of Blair's proposed reforms were met with hostility from Gordon Brown.

In my view, his biggest success has been in brokering peace in Northern Ireland and this perhaps should have been his legacy.

However, the disastrous continuing war in Iraq overshadows this achievement.

I do not think Tony Blair intended to leave at the height of his unpopularity, but he made the mistake of setting a leaving date.

It is hard to see Gordon Brown appealing to middle England at the next election the way his successor did.

Hopefully David Cameron will benefit from that.

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