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UK voters' panel: Gerry Harris

Gerry Harris
Name: Gerry Harris
Age: 53
Lives: Glasgow
Works: Promotions
Last general election voted: Liberal Democrats
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, business man, independent individual expecting beneficial political intervention"

There were certainly a lot more negatives than positives during Blair's reign.

His only achievements include the creation of an independent central bank, investment in public services, and devolving power to major regions.

But these are heavily outweighed by his notable failures. Chief among them was, of course, Iraq - including the dodgy dossier, the handling of Dr David Kelly and the BBC witch-hunt.

Other notable failures include his continued tolerance of John Prescott as his deputy, his ongoing feud with Gordon Brown, his mean-spirited handling of the defeat of Scottish Labour in this year's elections and his lack of congratulations to new First Minister Alex Salmond.

Add to these his smug self-satisfaction given the risible failures he has been responsible for, his constant courting of celebrity status and its demeaning effect on the office he held, and his complaints regarding how unjustly he and or his government is perceived.

This all sums up what I ultimately think about Mr Blair as he leaves office - he and his colleagues have received the treatment they have deserved.

They have largely abused the trust that was showered upon them and 10 years later the campaign anthem 'Things can only get better' is sadly still true.

However a week is a long time in politics and within the coming seven days, they might be better! But I won't hold my breath.

Blair's legacy, apart from the Iraq war writ large, is a population more despairing of politics and politicians than ever before in our history.

He also should have gone earlier. As a matter of urgency there should now be a limit of two terms in office for any future prime minister.

In addition we should ensure that no one can assume the position of prime minister without a general election within, say six months, rather than the farce of the coronation currently taking place.

He should leave by offering Gordon Brown the following advice: don't lie to the public and don't stay too long, they will find you out!

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