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UK voters' panel: Gary Watson

Gary Watson
Name: Gary Watson
Age: 43
Lives: Peterborough
Works: IT consultant
Last general election voted: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, business owner, school governor, England rugby fan"

For me, Tony Blair has been the worst prime minister in living memory.

His leadership has been the exact opposite - he has not led the country, except into Iraq.

The rest of the time he has sat back and waited for public opinion to form or he found himself in a corner before acting.

Remember Steven Byers and the railways, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, the spin, the fuel blockade, foot and mouth and Sangatte?

Then we had increased police detention time for suspects, ID cards, Lords reform (still with no suitable alternative), Europe, 300 hours debating fox hunting, the list goes on.

Then when he was quizzed about any of it, did we get an answer? No, just a patronising "there is simply no other way" response every time.

Oh, and that smile, which just means: "You lot are too stupid to understand and if I explain it you'll all know what a fraud I am."

Well maybe the last laugh is on us, we've all been stupid enough to vote Labour back in - twice.

On Europe, we still await a government decision and a sensible public debate on the euro.

Labour delayed the euro referendum until it was irrelevant. Now they say there'll be no referendum on a new treaty because it's so different. Do you know what Mr Blair? I don't believe you.

I won't bother with Iraq, other than to mention Dr David Kelly. His report was misused to justify invading and then he was abandoned.

Finally, the economy. By Gordon Brown's own admission, the Tories had it on an upward trend, so Gordon didn't fix it.

Instead, as I predicted in an earlier panel, we see rising debt, rising inflation, rising interest rates and rising unemployment. This says a great deal about Labour and the next prime minister.

I've seen my tax bill go up and my take home pay and disposable income go down - but I don't see any improvement for the disadvantaged, and schools, hospitals and social services are all struggling to meet the demands placed upon them.

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