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UK voters' panel: Siobhan Burgess

Siobhan Burgess
Name: Siobhan Burgess
Age: 36
Lives: Warrington
Works: Occupational health nurse
Last general election voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family-centred wife, mother, nurse, cyclist, animal lover, amateur gardener"

The Labour Party that Tony Blair is leaving behind is definitely a different party to the one he took over as leader.

The traditional view of Labour being the party of the people, where the unions have a major influence within party decisions, has changed, as has the old party ideology.

Since the election of 1997, the party had a mammoth task, introducing reforms within the health service, education and other public services.

Some of the reforms were not popular at the time but we can now see the benefits.

The encouragement of free enterprise, with more people setting up businesses, couple with a property boom has led to prosperity.

Also, improvement in working conditions and the introduction of a minimum wage has lead to a reduction in unemployment figures and improvements in living conditions for those previously living in poverty.

Of course, Tony Blair's legacy will be the war in Iraq. I have mixed views on the war.

On the one hand, before the war, human rights were abused, people were being killed for their religious and political beliefs and it had to stop.

Reports of WMD alarmed people and action was needed to address the issue.

On the other hand there were the valuable oil reserves in the region.

I think that Mr Blair is leaving office at the right time. There has been a long preparatory period for this event. The state of flux that the party has been in recently has settled and appears to be stable now.

Gordon Brown will be his own man, and will not lead in the shadow of Tony Blair.

There will be many bits of advice that the outgoing leader will pass on to his successor, but the main advice I hope will be to remain honest.

The options are many and varied for a leader of Tony Blair's stature and I am sure he will continue to have a major influence on world politics, whatever direction he decides to take.

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