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UK voters' panel: Alistair Quinn

Alistair Quinn
Name: Alistair Quinn
Age: 35
Lives: Kings Lynn
Works: IT
Last general election voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, small business owner trying to earn a living"

Tony Blair will be remembered as one of the country's most successful prime ministers.

It's an impossible task to ensure every policy lives up to the expectations of every voter but his efforts have been rewarded by leaving behind a stronger country than he inherited.

I'm sure even the hardest of Tory voters will agree with my views.

The promises of any government are always hard to meet but Mr Blair has stuck to his guns through the toughest of criticism and produced fine results.

Whether it's a move to send our soldiers to war or a new policy for creating a greener UK, Mr Blair has proved that he can control his party's policies effectively.

In saying all that, nobody is perfect.

The National Health Service is still suffering but it's not for the want of trying. I am sure that any prime minister who makes radical change to the NHS will be a very unpopular one.

The problem of ever-increasing house prices should have been tackled a lot earlier but as least our new prime minister intends to address this important issue.

Despite his achievements, I still believe Mr Blair should have left office after the last election to allow fresh blood take control for the new term.

It would be a hard task for the best of politicians to create a winning party in a full term, let alone what is left of this one.

However, he has left a positive legacy and will be seen as a respectable British figure for years to come.

I guess all that is left for him to do is pass on his strength and determination to Gordon Brown. Good luck Tony Blair and thanks.

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