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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 December 2006, 07:04 GMT
Papers focus on Saddam's death
Sunday's papers
Most of the Sunday papers carry stills from video footage of Saddam Hussein's final moments on their front pages.

The Sunday Telegraph says Saddam looked a shadow of his former arrogant self - now a bemused, beaten man.

"I saw him drop through the trapdoor, it was so quick" is the headline in the Sunday Times, quoting a witness.

"Hanged with his own rope" says the News Of The World, which reports DNA has been taken to convince sceptics Saddam has been killed.


The Independent On Sunday is the only paper which uses a close-up of Saddam lying dead, his face showing signs of injury during the hanging.

The Sunday Mirror uses one word to describe the execution: "Sadammed".

A "provocative view" from Respect MP George Galloway is printed in the Mail on Sunday, in which he says Saddam showed Zen-like calm as he faced death.

Mr Galloway, who met Saddam in 2002, writes: "Nothing became the Saddam era like his leaving of the stage."


Several papers predict an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians when their countries join the European Union.

"Besieged Britain is about to open its doors even wider," says the Sunday Express, which quotes a number of Romanians planning to come to the UK.

The Sunday Mirror says that although tens of thousands of Romanians will flee their homeland, they will not be heading for the UK.

It says they will go to Italy and Spain which have large Romanian communities.


According to the People, Prince Harry has been told he will not be allowed to face front-line action in Iraq, even though he has pledged to prove himself.

Senior military and palace officials are said to have told him his presence would put his comrades at risk.

The Observer highlights what it calls the "scandal of killers in open jails".

It claims hundreds of prisoners assessed as posing a serious threat to the public are being transferred to open prisons.

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