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How killers' lies were exposed to jury
Four youths, aged between 15 and 17, have been convicted of killing a woman who was shot dead as she cradled her baby niece at a christening party.

Zainab Kalokoh
Zainab Kalokoh was originally from Sierra Leone

The trial at the Old Bailey heard that Zainab Kalokoh was killed during a bungled robbery. During the trial one of the killers, Timy Babmuboni, went into the witness box but his story was torn to shreds during cross examination by prosecutor Brian Altman. The following are edited extracts, not in chronological order.


Brian Altman: "Inside a black binbag found in your flat were a number of handbags which had been stolen during the robbery. Also in there was a black balaclava which had firearm residue on it. It also had DNA matching your DNA profile?"

TB: "Yes sir."

Mr Altman: "Yesterday you said you could have worn it?"

TB: "Every kid in Peckham has got one. They're fashion accessories."

Mr Altman: "On a hot day? Every kid wears a balaclava do they, in August?"

TB: "Could be."

Mr Altman: "How on Earth did your DNA get inside that balaclava?"

TB: "I don't know. I could have worn it before. People bring things to my house. My house was an open house."

Mr Altman: "You are avoiding the question. If your story is true then that balaclava was inside that binbag before you picked it up. It's simply not true is it?"

TB: "It's what happened. I said the same in my statement."


Brian Altman: "Between 9.26pm and 10.10pm there is a gap of 44 minutes during the robbery when you made and received no calls on your mobile phone. What was going on then?"

TB: "I was playing PlayStation 2."

Mr Altman: "But no PlayStation 2 was ever found in the flat."

TB: "Well, I had two. My sister still has one of them."

Mr Altman: "So what were you doing during those 44 minutes?"

TB: "The normal thing a kid would do, playing on my PlayStation 2. That's what I was doing."

Mr Altman: "There was no-one with you?"

TB: "No sir. I didn't see my brother until the night time."


Brian Altman: "At around 11pm you saw a police officer putting up a cordon outside your house."

TB: "Yes sir."

Mr Altman: "You say you heard there had been a robbery and you asked him if the people who did it were black or white?"

TB: "Yeah, because the boy I saw running was black and I wanted to know if the bag (which the defendant said he picked up after the boy threw it away) was anything to do with it?"

Mr Altman: "You wanted to know if they were looking for black or white men, didn't you?"

TB: "No sir."

Mr Altman: "To see if you or your accomplices could be identified?"

TB: "No sir."

Mr Altman: "But people is more than one. What made you think more than one person was involved?"

TB: "I probably got it wrong. Lots of things come out of people's mouths. I got it wrong."

Mr Altman: "It was a slip, wasn't it?"

TB: "I wouldn't call it a slip."

Mr Altman: "You knew more than one person was involved because you were one of them."

TB: "No, I told you from the beginning. I didn't go in there and rob no-one."


Brian Altman: "You possessed live ammunition didn't you?"

TB: "Yes I did sir."

Mr Altman: "You said you found them (seven bullets) when you were cleaning the flat two or three months before?"

TB: "Yes sir."

Mr Altman: "You said you were hoovering and you found them on the sofa?"

TB: "Yes sir. Under a cushion."

Mr Altman: "When you found them what did you do?"

TB: "I thought someone had dropped them."

Mr Altman: "Why did you put these bullets in your jacket?"

TB: "Why not? Is there anything wrong with that."

Mr Altman: "But why? Why put them in your jacket?"

TB: "I don't see any problem with that."

Mr Altman: "Isn't it right that you were wearing that jacket during the course of the robbery and the bullets in the pocket were extra ammunition in case you ran out?"

TB: "I didn't rob anybody. I didn't go into any place to rob anybody."

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