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Jack and Olivia top baby names
Louisa Lytton who plays Ruby Allen
Ruby, popularised by EastEnders' Ruby Allen, is in fourth
Jack is still the most popular name for baby boys in the UK, while Olivia has become the favourite for a girl, the national statistics agency has said.

Parents have favoured Jack for the 11th year, with Joshua and Thomas unchanged at second and third. Oliver is fourth and Harry rose to fifth.

For girls, Grace was runner-up and former number one Jessica is third.

Ruby, thought to be popularised by EastEnders' Ruby Allen, is fourth. Emily was fifth in the 2006 list.

1 Olivia
2 Grace
3 Jessica
4 Ruby
5 Emily

The Office for National Statistics has noted Grace moved up by 37% since last year and Jessica had 4,416 registrations in 2006.

High-climber Ruby has risen 69 places since 2001.

Floral names have also done well with Lily, Daisy and Poppy all in the top 30, the agency revealed.

Jack has continued to reign with 6,928 boys sharing the name this year.

Harry has risen four places, forcing James out of the top five for the first time in several years.

Theo made it into the top 100 boys' names for the first time with 646 registrations.

The agency suggests young footballer Theo Walcott's appearance in this year's World Cup squad may have influenced some parents' choice.

1 Jack
2 Thomas
3 Joshua
4 Oliver
5 Harry

The 2005 X-Factor winner, Shayne Ward has a dedicated following with the popularity of his first name increasing by 827%.

However, while Celebrity Big Brother may have had an impact on Ordinary Boy frontman Preston, whose name has moved up 767 places to 148, his wife's name, Chantelle has only risen 13 places to 213.

Small and silver screen

David and Victoria Beckham's youngest son's name, Cruz, has risen in popularity by 245 %.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie's adopted son's name, Maddox, has risen 88 places on last year and the name Jayden, which Britney Spears chose for her youngest child, has risen 16 places to number 68.

Lexie, Steven Gerrard's daughter, has risen 239% in the last year to 142nd place, according to the agency.

Peaches (Geldof), daughter of Sir Bob and the late Paula Yates, has moved "a staggering 2948 places up the rankings".

It's a shame when people choose names based on television programmes or pop stars.
Louise Roche, Surrey

Keira, shared by Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley, has increased in popularity since entering the top 100 at 51 in 2003.

It became the 33rd most popular girls' name this year with 1,470 registrations.

But the popularity of co-star Orlando Bloom fell 179 places.

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