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Last Updated: Sunday, 26 November 2006, 05:14 GMT
Papers speculate over spy's killer
Sunday's papers
The papers continue to cover the death of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London.

According to the News of the World, the killer is called Igor and a Russian special services veteran.

The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Express highlight the possibility that Mr Litvinenko might have killed himself to discredit Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

The Sunday Telegraph reckons a rogue element of the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, may be responsible.

The Observer says Tony Blair will tomorrow express "deep sorrow" for Britain's role in the slave trade.

But, despite pressure from some black campaigners, the prime minister will apparently not make a full apology.

Dis-united kingdom

Almost 300 years since the Act of Union between England and Scotland, an ICM poll for the Telegraph paints a picture of disunity.

It suggests that a majority of voters on both sides of the border favour full independence for Scotland.

The Independent says record numbers of British people are buying real fur.

The paper says that sales have risen by 30% over the past two years - and that almost one million tons of fur are being imported each year.

The Sunday Times claims the government is paving the way for what it calls a gambling bonanza in pubs by easing restrictions on playing card games.

The Department of Culture says people would play for very small stakes.

'Live and let dye'

The Daily Mail reports on how James Bond star Daniel Craig refused to dye his hair brown after filmmakers raised concerns over having a blond Bond.

The People covers artist Dermot Flynn, who has created ten celebrity portraits using toast and Marmite.

He created the images of famous faces such as Simon Cowell, Jude Law and Charlotte Church for an art exhibition held in London.

The images are being sold on eBay to raise funds for a student art charity.

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